Chess & Card Symbols

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What is Chess & Card Symbols ?

How does Chess & Card Symbols work?

The short answer is Unicode. Here is the brief explanation that how does Chess & Card Symbols Text work. As your typing keyboard is hiding characters from you. Your keyboard has only about 100 characters on it because it can't fit any more. There are actually tens of thousands of characters! No joke, there were 128 characters. But then Unicode introduces and that supports an unlimited number of characters. Each year the Unicode standard grows to incorporate more characters - and emojis! That's right, emojis are actually textual characters! This is a perfect online website to have a keyboard that had keys which were for emojis. There are a bunch more characters than the ones on your keyboard. Generate bold/italic/fancy text that can be copy-pasted away from this site and into another one.

Well, amongst these tens-of-thousands of other characters are actually whole character sets. This looks like the alphabet on your keyboard. Some of these character sets are for mathematicians, linguists, and other academics. They wanted to be able to express their equations and formulae in their documents. Some character sets are country-specific that required them to communicate. For example, full-width Latin characters to supplement the full-width Japanese characters. So that's how we ended up with all these funky text fonts. Of course, many of the above fonts aren't proper character sets. We have collected together into a set that sort of resembles an alphabet.

Are Chess & Card Symbols actually "font"?

It is not a "font" a "Typeface". It is regular characters like the ones you're reading right now. The font transforms the style of the characters. But it doesn't change the actual characters at all. This is the reason that you can't copy and paste the text you're reading right now into a social media website. and expect the font to be "transferred" along with the characters. But, if you copy

Typing Chess Symbols in Windows Computer

There are many ways to insert Chess symbols in Windows based computers.

1. Using Alt Codes

You can use the alt code in the above table to insert Chess symbols in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or any other documents in Windows. However, you need a separate number pad on your keyboard to type the numbers. For example, alt + 9820 will make black rook symbol like ♜.

2. Using Alt + X Method in Word

Unfortunately, the above alt code shortcuts will not work with the normal number keys on your laptop keyboard. Alternate option is to use the alt + x method with hexadecimal number that will work with normal number keys. For example, 9817 alt + x will make the white pawn symbol like ♙. However, it will only work with Microsoft Word documents in Windows.

3. Make Chess Symbols in Mac

chess symbol on macbook

Follow the instructions to insert Chess symbols on MacBook.

  • Change the input method to Unicode Hex Input.
  • Hold one of the option keys.
  • Type the hexadecimal number from the above table.
  • For example, option + 9815 will make white bishop symbol like ♗.

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