Star Symbols

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Beautiful Star Symbols

We all have 49 star symbols of all kinds that you can use. From 4-pointed star, 5-pointed star, petal-shaped, or snowflake star... to use for word, excel, facebook, instagram, twitter, game...
Since ancient times, the star has become a human symbol, it represents the stars in the sky, always shining, giving strength and faith. The five-pointed star was a symbol in Ancient Greece and Babylonianism, symbolizing neo-pagan beliefs, like the Catholic Cross and the Star of David in Judaism. The five-pointed star carries magical combinations, a lot of Gentiles wear this emblematic jewelry. Lay people love using this symbol to describe the five suffering of Jesus, and it also relates to Freemasonry.

With a long history, the star has soon entered the human subconscious from a very young age, it appears anywhere. As you can see, most of the countries of the world have stars on their national flags.
The first use of the star is found in texts of the Mesopotamian civilization around 3000 BC. To this day, the 21st century it is still a human symbol.

How to use star symbols?

Fancy text provides âœȘ 49 star symbols, including types: 5 wings, 6 wings, circle, snowflake, for use in word, excel, social networks, games ...
Using the star symbol is very simple, you just need to select the star symbol out of 49 that you like, then the system will copy and paste it wherever you need it.

Using symbols star to do?

There are many places where you can use the star notation. For example, if you post a status on facebook, if you want the status to be nicer, you can copy the star symbols, it will look more beautiful and attract more attention. When you play online games with your friends, your name has beautiful stars that they don't have. Star icons make a difference, very beautiful and unique.